Top 9 Moments of 2015

The other day on Instagram and Facebook people started posting their "2015 Best Nine."  If you are looking for the site to create your 2015 Best Nine you can find it right here -

I generated mine and it was all photos of June.... annnnnnd one photo of an easter egg...😂

While I do love all of these photos of June and the one of the Easter egg, they aren't exactly my personal top nine moments.  So, I thought I would share my actual top nine moments that touched, moved and challenged me the most in all of 2015.  Enjoy!

TOP nine MOMENTS OF 2015:

1. The birth of June Morrow! February 12, 2015 @ 8:39pm

Nothing has changed my life more this year than the birth of June!  She is unbelievable and is constantly teaching her mother and I what love is and how full our hearts can be.  Here are a few posts I wrote this year about all the things June taught me.  Having a kid will open up parts of your heart that you didn't know existed.

2. Watching Brooke give birth to June! February 11 + 12, 2015

Brooke giving birth to June was unbelievable.  I tried to describe all the things she taught me while in labor and delivery but I don't know if words will ever fully articulate the feelings I get in my heart when I think of all Brooke went through to bring our sweet June into this world.  Here is the post about all she taught me - DAD'S BIRTH STORY : ALL THE LESSONS MY WIFE TAUGHT ME

3. One Night Only. October 27, 2015 

One Night Only was born out of a call that God placed on my heart while I was washing dishes.  It was definitely a challenge for me to trust God and walk through the calling He placed on my heart.  God will always walk us through things that are otherwise impossible without Him.  I learned that in a big way this year by trusting Him while planning One Night Only.  It was a true lesson in faith and obedience for me and I am so thankful for it!

4. Saying Goodbye to Weddings. March 2015

This is the year that Brooke and I decided to retire from shooting weddings.  We felt God calling us into a new season of life.  We are forever thankful for what our career in weddings brought and taught us, but are excited for what God will lead us into next!  Here is the full post about our decision to move on - Seven Years For a Footnote!

5. Throwing Away All The Things. October/November 2015

In October/November of this past year Brooke and I purged our house and yard-saled/gave away/threw out most of our things.  We felt like this whole year God has called us to simplify our life and instead of just talking about it, we backed it up with action.  Here is the full post about the process and decision - Throw Away All The Things.

My favorite line from the post - "When I think about the end of my life I don't think that I want to end with a giant house, a boat and a gold toilet.  I think that I want to end knowing that I lived for Jesus and am ending with Him and Him alone.  Physically getting rid of my things is helping me realize more and more that I don't need any of it."

6. Brooke's Voice Surgery. November 2, 2015

This year Brooke had surgery on a vocal polyp. It was followed by 10 days of voice rest.  I was so proud of her willingness to face something so challenging with so much grace.  I have tried many times to write about the voice rest and the surgery, but it's a little too hard for me to verbalize.  Brooke is constantly showing me what real love is.  Her strength to stay silent while loving June and I for 10 days was remarkable and unbelievable!  While I have yet to write about the actual voice rest, I did write a post this year about the hope that we have for Brooke's voice - Brooke Will Sing Again.

7. Having A Post Go Viral - September 16, 2015

The 10 Hard Steps to An Awesome Marriage (that are totally worth it)! post I wrote in September went viral this year, which was incredible!  It is still my most read post and every now and then my website hits spike upwards because a new group of people are passing it around.  I love writing about marriage and loving my wife as well as I can.  I think if more husbands valued their wives by loving them well, a lot of issues in our world would be fixed.

Here are some other posts I wrote about marriage this year:

8. Eating Pizza In California - May 2, 2015

This year we were able to travel to California and shoot the marketing material for our summer collection with the coolest group of strangers we've ever met.  The wonderful world of the internet hooked us up with these people.  They are all chasing their dreams as models and actors in southern California!  After we were done shooting we all sat down to eat dinner at a pizza shop.  During that dinner we spent time sharing our hopes, goals and wild dreams.  It was one of the most inspiring conversations I had all year.  We left that dinner table with six new friends.  I hope that all the dreams God placed on our heart to share that night come true with Him at the center of it all and for His eternal glory!

9. You - All Year

I read all the comments, saw all the likes and was honored by all the shares.  I look at all the #iwearwalkinlove photos.  I am forever thankful that I have an audience of people who care about what I do and say.  I know that all my posts aren't home runs, or even singles, but I hope that at times my words can inspire you to chase your dreams, live with passion and end with the amazing and overwhelming love of Jesus!  Thanks for following along in 2015 and I hope you stick around for 2016!


Favorite Album -  Del Rio by Armon Jay

Favorite Album - Del Rio by Armon Jay

Favorite Movie - Star Wars : The Force Awakens

Favorite Movie - Star Wars : The Force Awakens

Favorite New TV Show (For Me) : Person of Interest

Favorite New TV Show (For Me) : Person of Interest

Favorite Photo of Brooke and I 

Favorite Photo of Brooke and I 

Some of my favorite photos of June!

Favorite New walk in love. t-shirt

Favorite New walk in love. t-shirt

Favorite Message - Grace, Grace! Two Steps To Your Left by Levi Lusko