Why My Wife Is Awesome!

Today my beautiful, amazing and super talented wife, Brooke, turns 29.  I thought I would use this day on my blog to highlight everything that is amazing about her and why I love her so much.  If you love love, you'll probably really enjoy this post.  If not, learn how to, because love is awesome!

Every year I think to myself that I cannot possibly find more to love about this woman that said "yes" to marrying me over six years ago, but every year she surprises me with a new facet of who she is and what she is all about.


Brooke is hardworking.

She isn't that fake version of hardworking that people are really good at being now-a-days.  You know the type.  They like to talk about all the things they are going to do and all the cool things that are "in the works."  Brooke simply isn't like that.  She's the actual hardworking type.  She will do whatever she needs to do to get a job done.  When she was 10 days late with June we had some orders that needed to be picked and packed and even though I told her I could handle it, she insisted on being there and working even while being SUPER pregnant.  She is constantly working behind the scenes of everything we do with our companies.  And while I am often the one getting the credit or praise for things walk in love. does it is usually Brooke who is working along side of me, just as hard, to pull it all off.

Brooke is always trying to make things better.

Brooke loves to cook and is really freaking good at it. Thank you homeschooling! She is constantly trying to cook new things and come up with new concoctions. Lately, she's been making her own almond chocolate bark.  So, it's a good time to live in our house!  The thing I love about Brooke is that after almost anything she cooks she always says, "I already know how to make it better."  That's her attitude about life.  It's why she is such a great wife, mom and creative.  She is always pushing herself to make things better and never just settle into the mediocrity that so many people seem to get stuck in.  It's so inspiring! Because when I see her wanting to be better at what she is doing it makes me want to be better at what I am doing. 


Brooke is humble.

I always like to say that I am the best at being humble.  Humility does not come easily to me.  I don't know if it's the great hair, killer smile or....Uhh..I am getting off track.  Brooke is so humble.  She is so good AT EVERYTHING.  You want to lose at a board game? Play Brooke. You want to know where your furniture could be better placed in your house? Ask Brooke. Want to make the best cookies ever? Ask Brooke.  You want to learn how to do something, anything, better do it with Brooke.  She is so talented at so many things and she succeeds at almost everything. However, she lives her life clothed in humility and it's so cool to watch.  I learn everyday what true humility looks like.

Brooke is so creative.

I am constantly amazed at what Brooke creates.  Whether it's photography, home decor, design or just about anything else.  Throughout the six years of our marriage I have watched her grow as an artist and create beauty in all circumstances and all situations.  Brooke isn't just a great photographer. She could plan the photoshoot, style the outfits, do the hair, make the flower crown, draw the signs, add the graphics, update the website and send out the marketing material...SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING AT ALL THINGS CREATIVE!

Brooke is an amazing mom!

I love the way Brooke cares for little Junebug.  She is so sweet, caring and selfless as she looks out for our sweet little girl!  She is constantly making June laugh, giggle and scream with joy!  I love watching it everyday.

Brooke is beautiful.

This one is pretty self explanatory.  I mean just look at her!  What a total babe! How did I ever get so lucky!?

To Brooke on the day you turn 29...

Thank you so much for adding so much love, joy and excitement to my life.  I praise God every morning that I get to wake up next to you and walk hand and hand through every day.  As we walk through your 29th year I want you to know that I will love you more with every step.  You are  the light of my life and I absolutely adore and love everything about you.  Happy Birthday Sunny!