Don't Miss The Little Moments Today!

Every morning I hear June on the monitor "talking."  I don't know what she is saying and most of the time she sounds more like a creaky door than an adorable baby.  I sleep a lot heavier than Brooke, so Brooke is already awake and either getting up to get her or tapping me on the shoulder to get her.  When it's my turn to get her I walk to and open the door, trying not to trip over one of our cats, Leo, as he sprints into our bedroom.  A quick stop to the bathroom and then I slowly open June's door.

And there she is, smiling, happy and usually looking right at me as I turn the corner into her room.  It is one of my favorite moments every single day.  After I say, "Good morning!" to her a few times I try to change her diaper with my morning "zombie hands."  Then I pick her up and take her into our room so we can spend a few precious moments together on the bed as a family before we start our day.

This is not a big moment that we share everyday.  There is nothing overwhelming about it.  Actually, if I am honest about it, it's probably not very pretty.  My hair looks like a rats nest, my eyes are sealed shut with crusties and I have an oversized sleep shirt on that is not flattering.  Let's just put it this way - it's not very "instagrammable."  😂 But it is the highlight of my day almost every day.

I could so easily miss this moment every single day.  I could be too tired, too busy or too "fill in the blank."  I have to choose to enjoy that moment everyday, not miss it, but enjoy it.  Our lives are quick and can fly right by before we know it.  We have to take time to acknowledge the wonderful, little moments in our lives. When we start to acknowledge them we can appreciate them.  I think when we start appreciating more little moments in our lives they will start to get better.  People who are overflowing with joy usually see the beauty in the little things.

So today, stop, take a breathe and acknowledge those little moments in your life.  Look up from your phone and notice the people around you in those moments.  Smile at them, ask them how they are doing, tell them you love them.  Appreciate them because life isn't all big moments.  Actually it's rarely big moments and most of the time the memories we cherish are in those sweet little moments that can just fly by if we let them.  So, today I challenge you not to let them.  Don't miss those little moments.  Cherish them, enjoy them and love them.

 Little June - Always Smiling!

Little June - Always Smiling!