Hawaii Vacation 2016

Brooke, June and I just got back from Hawaii last night.  Turns out it's a lot colder in Pennsylvania than it is in Hawaii in January...Who knew?

The trip to Hawaii was actually a Christmas present from my parents, which ROCKED OUR SOCKS OFF WHEN THEY TOLD US!  It was an unbelievable blessing to us that we will forever be thankful for.  It had been quite a while since Brooke and I had been on a "no work" extended vacation so to have one to start off the year was refreshing! 

The trip was a family affair for me.  My parents, older brother nick and his family as well as my younger sister Samantha and her family all came.  So if you see any people in the photos that look like me, its because we are related.  The trip was a blast!


1. Just being there with Brooke and June

2. Watching June loooooooove the water

3. Hiking up Diamond Head Mountain with June on my back

4. Eating at Leonards Bakery....Portuguese donuts for life!

5. Eating at the Rainbow Drive-Thru

6. Taking photos of Brooke and June

7. Watching Brooke take photos of everything (that's a favorite of mine all the time)

8. Being able to be there with some of my family members

9. Eating a box of dark chocolate covered macodamian nuts every night for dessert...don't judge

10. Watching the sunset with my girls on our last night

If you ever go anywhere with water on vacation, just bite the bullet and buy the underwater LifeProof iPhone case.  It is so worth it!  Enjoy the photos Brooke and I took!

The last photo is June after our flight landed.  I think at that point she was over traveling....so were we! 😂