10 Ways to be more Productive

So this week Brooke and I have crazy to-do lists. You can see them here. I've been thinking a lot about how to get things done. I am a pretty productive person so I thought I would share some simple ideas that I use. Now I know that I am not the creator of these ideas but I do use them and can vouch that they work well. 1. Only check your e-mail 2 times a day. I picked up this little gem from Timothy Ferris's book The Four Hour Work Week. We get so busy with checking our e-mail every time it dings! Just turn of the sound and schedule two different times of the day where you only do e-mail. I do mine first thing in the morning and right after I come back from eating lunch, that works for me, but find what works for you.

2. Make a List. I make lists for what I need to do for the day, the week and the next two weeks. I think it helps you plan what is actually in front of you, but also keeping an eye on the future. I also recomend making lists that you have a place to check off. Doing things is so much better when you get to check off that little box afterward. Sometimes I will write things on my list that I've already done just so I can pump myself up by checking the box.

3. Start your biggest projects at the beginning of the week. I am a firm believer in getting the hard stuff out of the way first. You will be focused and your work will be better if you do the hard stuff first. If you wait till it's almost due you will rush and not do your best. Always do your best.

4. Research ways to do things faster. The likelihood of you being the first to do something is pretty slim. So, find out if there are ways to do something faster. There are youtube videos and books on how to do things faster, research them and teach yourself how to do things the fastest way. If it's something you do a lot it will save you a lot of time.

5. Stay off the internet while working on projects. This is a pretty basic one, but is so crucial to getting things done. Obviously if your task is on the internet then only stay on the sites you need to be on.

6. Do one project at a time. This is really hard for me to do, but I find that I do my best work when I am all in on a project. Your work will be better and you will finish faster.

7. Set a schedule (bedtime included). Schedules are so important. You need to give yourself time to do things. Also give yourself a bedtime, you will sleep better and have a lot more energy to do what you need to do.

8. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Look to friends, forums and blogs to find out how to do something. I remember when I started doing wordpress blogs I had so much trouble, but I just started watching videos and slowly chipped away at it.

9. Check twitter and facebook in the bathroom (sit down only). Now this one might sound silly, but when I use the bathroom, I check/update my facebook and twitter via my iphone. It kills two birds with one stone and you aren't constantly checking it while sitting at your computer. It seems weird, but it will save you time, plus everyone does it.

10. Just do it. This is the famous Nike tag line, but it's so true. If you just go all in and do something the best you can, you will get it done and people will probably love it. So just do it.