10 Reasons why I love Ugmonk

I absolutely love t-shirts. Anytime I walk into any store I carefully examine the shirts they have. I will feel the quality, look at the printing, and check the tags. I started my own clothing company, walk in love. clothing, almost five years ago and have learned a lot along my way. One thing that I've always made a point of doing is staying true to our brand. The walk in love. clothing mission statement starts with "walk in love. clothing is simple." The point of all this is to say that in a world of t-shirt companies with zombies, blood, obnoxious design it is so refreshing to find companies who keep it simple and nail it. One of those companies is Ugmonk and here are my ten reasons I why I love them.

1. Simple Design 2. Oversized printing 3. Great details. They have printed tags inside and a little tag sewn on the outside. 4. Great blog and online shop design. 5. They are passionate about typography and it comes through in their brand 6. They know who they are as a brand and they are all in on it. 7. A majority of their shirts are one color prints, which I love! 8. They give back. During the Christmas season they use a portion of their proceeds to provide Christmas gifts for the needy. 9. Great quality shirts and printing. 10. Jeff Sheldon. Jeff is the founder/owner of Ugmonk and although I don't know him I've e-mailed him on occasion and he is super kind and friendly. Also my wife ordered shirts for me for my birthday and she e-mailed him to see if he could make sure they were here on time and he made sure they got here.

Basically Ugmonk rocks and if you want to get some great t-shirts to wear around check out his online store and show them some love. Also, Jeff just went full time doing Ugmonk so I am sure he would appreciate a few extra orders!