What's In Your Tool Box?

I absolutely love Jesus.  I believe He is real, wonderful and constantly pulling me towards a better version of myself.  I literally want every single person to know who He is and feel the same life changing power I have felt.  I want people to have their hearts and lives changed by the never-ending, amazing grace of Jesus!

If you feel the same, can I get an amen? (I'm going to assume you just said "Amen" out loud wherever you are!)

So let's open the toolbox!

Let's use every single thing we possibly can to proclaim, share and spread the message of unending grace and amazing love!  If something isn't sinful, it should be in a christian's "toolbox"!

In my toolbox I have t-shirts, Instagram photos, humor, cute baby photos, excitement, a podcast, more t-shirts, meals, money, time, an iPhone app, hard work, passion, excitement and sometimes even video games (Two weeks ago, I told someone about Jesus and that they should read the gospel, all while playing Halo).  I want God to use EVERYTHING He possibly can in my life to draw people closer to Him and most of the time I don't even have to open my mouth for him to do that.

Sometimes all I need to do is smile or have good sportsmanship.  Sometimes it's just posting something encouraging on my social media, because I believe that God can use the silliest, smallest, most insignificant thing to bring someone to His Glory! 

So open your toolbox and let God use whatever He can to expand His kingdom!  I REPEAT, CAN I GET AN AMEN!?!?!?

The cool thing about toolboxes is that they are all different.  A carpenter and an electrician will have very different tools on hand to get the job done. And they both work, and work well.  Sometimes when I see people using different tools than me to proclaim the love of Jesus I think, "Why don't they do it like me?"  I often struggle with people doing things differently than me, but I need to remember that God can, and will, use anything through them like He can through me.  So if you see someone with a different set of tools, don't pick them apart.  Instead, encourage them to keep using whatever they can for His purpose!

We are small, weak and most of the time really stupid. But our God is great, amazing and always at work.  Let's try to play a part in that with whatever tools He has given us.  I encourage you to open up your toolbox and let him use every tool at your disposal for His purpose and power!