9 Albums I Love Right Now!

Brooke makes fun of me because I can't do anything without having music on.  I am constantly walking around the house with my iPhone playing music in my pocket.  It's the way I time how long things take.  When I have to empty the litter box I will say to myself, "It's just one songs worth of work."  For dishes I will say to myself, "I'll be done before the album is finished."  It also helps me stay focused while I work, write or do anything on a computer. 

Because of my music obsession I am constantly searching through iTunes trying to find new bands, albums and musicians.  I thought I would share some of my findings lately.  Some of these albums are newer and some are older.  It' just what I have been really into lately!

Here are 9 albums that I love right now with links to iTunes and my favorite track from each album (in no particular order).

  1.  Brand New by Ben Rector // Favorite Track - The Men That Drive Me Places
  2. Just Kids by Mat Kearney // Favorite Track - Heartbeat
  3. One Wild Life : Soul by Gungor // Favorite Track - One Wild Life
  4. Feeling Electric by Parade of Lights // Favorite Track - Undefeatable
  5. Black Bear (Hushed) by Andrew Belle // Favorite Track - Sister
  6. Kids These Days by Judah & the Lion // Favorite Track - Somewhere In-Between
  7. In Your Dreams EP by machineheart // Favorite Track - Circles
  8. Sunlight by Jon Foreman // Favorite Track - All of God's Children
  9. Carry the Ghost by Noah Gundersen // Favorite Track - Slow Dancer