One Night Only

The other day while I was washing the dishes I was listening to my current favorite pastor Levi Lusko present the gospel for his "pop-up church" called Skull Church.  Skull Church is a 1-4 night event where Levi and his team set up shop and spend a night worshipping and challenging people to take the step of faith and trust in Jesus. It's kind of like the famous crusades of Billy Graham... just with more tattoos.

While standing in my kitchen I kept thinking to myself, "I think I could do this?! Organize an event for people to worship and challenge themselves - For God to work in peoples hearts..."  I couldn't kick the thought, so I decided I would take the first few steps of faith and see if I could organize said event.  A few e-mails later, to some wonderful, passionate people, and just like that, it's going to happen.

I believe that even if God brings just one person to knowing Him, that any amount of our time, energy and money is worth it.  We have picked a date and a venue and now all we need is people.  People God is crying out to, people in your life who who might not come to church but might join you for a one night only event.  People who God keeps putting on your heart.  We need you to invite them, pray that they come and pray that God can use ordinary words to do extraordinary things.

Here are the details:


WHEN : October 27, 2015


WHERE : 1875 Junction Rd, Manheim, PA 17545

What can God do with one night?

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We created a Facebook Page for the Event and would love to know if you are going - One Night Only Facebook Page