One On One

This weekend I was telling Brooke how I want to give away more things this year than I ever have.  I want to train myself to be as generous as possible so, I have started that training by giving away a walk in love. shirt every week this year.  That will continue through 2016.  I will post about the giveaways on my Instagram or Snapchat.  Both usernames are @tjmousetis.

But as I started to talk to Brooke I realized that the softest t-shirts in the world aren't the only thing I have to giveaway.  I have some business knowledge that I can share and giveaway.  I have been doing a little bit of that on my YouTube channel.  You can see those videos here - T.J. Mousetis Show.

I plan to continue sharing on the YouTube show all year but it can be difficult to get specific about your business idea.

So I decided that I want to give away thirty minutes every week to talk one on one about your business ideas, social media strategies or whatever business question you might have.  I didn't go to business school and might not have the answers, but I have learned a good amount about running a business in the 10 years I have been doing it so I will do my very best to be as helpful as possible!  I can do it in person if you live in the Lancaster, PA area and want to come to the walk in love. studio or we can do it over facetime.

I had the idea of doing "case studies" on my Podcast earlier but never got around to it, so I think this is that idea finally being flushed out.

I wear a shirt that says Iron Sharpens Iron every three days, at least.  I love the idea that I could play a small part in sharpening your business and by doing that I know that I will be sharpening mine.  It's totally free and I won't try to sell you anything.  This isn't a gimmick to get you in front of me and sell you a more "extensive package."  I want to help and I want to train myself to be generous with my time and energy.

The 30 minutes is yours to talk about your website, social or whatever else you want to ask about your business.   If you are interested, e-mail me - [email protected]

When you e-mail me please include the following

E-mail Subject Line - One on One



Business website and social links:

Whether you want to meet in person or on facetime.

Can't wait to start these!