14 Day Valentines Challenge For Husbands

Valentines day is one month away!  This morning as I was walking into work I was trying to think of things I could do for Brooke because I am obsessed with her.  I actually told her the other day that it was a good thing she married me otherwise I would just have been a stalker...😂.  But, seriously.  I know there are a lot of valentines day gift guides out there.  I googled "valentines day gift ideas" and received 5.2 million options!  While chocolate and undies are always good gifts in my book, I thought I would do something a little different this year.

I know that while my wife loves the occasional gift, she really loves when I take time to show my love with service, quality time and words of encouragement.  I believe that as a husband I should love my wife well every day and not just on Valentines day, but I do love the holiday!  I think it's a great way to remind ourselves how big our love can be for our spouses.  So, instead of one big day this year I want to use 14 days to love my wife with something unique every day.

So, I give to you the....

A Typed out Version of the List if you want to copy and past them into your calendar or reminder apps!

14 Day Valentines Challenge for Husbands (or Wives):

  • February 1 - A one page letter telling your spouse how much you love them

  • February 2 - Clean the bathroom in your house/apartment

  • February 3 - 30 Minute back massage

  • February 4 - Clean out and Wash her Car (It is going to be cold, but you can power through)

  • February 5 - Movie + Popcorn on the couch

  • February 6 - Breakfast in Bed

  • February 7 - Go on a walk and just talk to each other

  • February 8 - Do the dishes

  • February 9 - 30 Minute foot massage

  • February 10 - Get up early and get her coffee (or favorite morning beverage)

  • February 11 - Do the laundry

  • February 12 - Go out to get coffee, ice cream, walk around Target or wherever she wants!

  • February 13 - Clean and Vacuum the house/apartment

  • February 14 - Dinner Date (Either go out or cook for her)

I plan to do all these things and will be posting about them with the hashtag #14DAYVALENTINESCHALLENGE on Instagram as well as showing them on Snapchat!  If you are going to join me I would love to follow along so make sure to hashtag your posts!  Let's take 14 days and love our wives as well as we can by doing something extra special for them every day from February 1 - 14!

If you still want to buy her something special to give to her at dinner on the 14th, let's be real, buy her a super soft + amazing walk in love. shirt! 😍

Here is a phone wallpaper to remind you of what the challenge is for the day!