Do You Want to Work Where You Work?

The space you work at/in is so important.  I don't care if you are a blogger, designer, writer, chef or truck driver.  Where you work affects the quality of your work. Always.

And so, ask yourself. Do you want to work where you work? Not the job itself, but literally the space you're surrounded by. (If you don't want to work at your job entirely, then... you need to read a different blog post.) Do you feel like it's a happy, inspiring and totally amazing place to be?  If not, then why haven't you done what you can to change it?

Could you clean? Could you re-organize? Could you add art? Could you add photos? Could you move yourself toward the window? Could you get a plant... and then not kill it? Could you do something to make your workspace better? Probably.

So do it! Stop waiting to do it later - stay late and do it today, or come in early and do it tomorrow!  You will feel better, work harder and have more fun being at work.

If you are a boss or manager and think your employees could use some time to spruce up their offices, then you should give them that time and maybe even a little money.  Maybe they could buy a plant or some frames for their photos, or a new white board, or anything else that would liven up the space.  The small amount of time and money it takes to fix things up will be worth the result of your employees enjoying being there more!

It's simple, easy and worth it.  Make your space happier and more fun to work at today!

Here are some inspiring workspaces to help motivate you. I found them all on Pinterest. Imagine that. Click on the images to scroll through the gallery. Also, this post gives you full permission to paint all your wood floors white and never tell your landlord. Juuuuust kidding....