Actually Do Something... That's the BIG Secret!

There is a this weird internet-blogger-businesd-owner taboo surrounding being transparent and showing the traffic to your site.  But I am breaking that silly "rule" to make a point. Here is a snap shot of my visits, page views and audience size from this June to September.


Business owners constantly say that they "want new business" and "will do whatever it takes" and yet their websites, Instagram and Twitter feeds, and Facebook pages stay blank for days and days.  You want to know the big secret to getting people to hire or buy from you? Give them a reason to look at your site.  And do you know how to get people to look at your site? Give them something to look at. Pretty simple.

I am tired of people talking about how they want their business and brand to grow and yet they don't grind it out every day to give people a reason to show up. If you don't show up, why would your customer/reader?

A digital website isn't much different than an actual store front.  Think of your website as a storefront on a street lined with dozens of other stores, too.  Why is a customer going to stop at yours?  Is your storefront fresh and new and inviting? Or is it covered in cobwebs, featuring out of date graphics and dirty windows?  Are there signs pointing people to your store?  Now back to the digital world, do you have signs in the right places ... Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook?

Retail stores that do really well are the ones that have really good foot traffic.  Think of your website/blog the same way.  You want as many people to stumble in as possible so you can sell to them.

It's time to dust off the cobwebs and create content to give them a reason to stop and shop!

There is no big secret that succeeding business' aren't telling you.  The secret is simple and I am telling you now.  Give people a reason to stop by your site and they will!