10 Tips For Using Instagram for Business

Episode 3 of my podcast was to help you with simple tips and tricks for using Instagram to grow your business.  I am going to list the 10 tips below but make sure you actually listen to Episode 3 of the T.J. Mousetis Podcast to hear the explanation of each point!

  1. Have a mission statement specific to your brands Instagram
  2. Ask questions about your posts before you post them
  3. Have a schedule
  4. Post should be good but don't need to be perfect
  5. Batch create content ahead of time
  6. Don't overkill aspects of Instagram
  7. Rarely try to sell
  8. Interact with your followers
  9. Don't copy.  Be original
  10. Have Fun!

If you have any questions that you'd like me to answer on your podcast comment on this post or ask on one of my Instagram photos - @tjmousetis