In a lot of our discussions lately Brooke and I have been talking about the layers of walk in love.

Let me explain.

Our top layer, because of it's following, is Instagram with over 55k followers. We have the biggest following there so we put a lot of energy toward creating good, beautiful content for Instagram.

Our second layer is our MailChimp E-mail List with just over 17k subscribers.  This is an important sales layer because it contacts customers directly.  If you don't have an e-mail list start building one today! 

Our third layer is Pinterest because while we don't have as many followers, our pins get viewed by millions because they get passed around over and over again.

We'd like to make our 4th layer YouTube because of the viral and sharing nature of videos but haven't given it enough attention, although in the coming months we hope to change that.

Twitter, Facebook, Periscope and Tumblr are all lower layers as well.  We'd love to use Facebook as a more prominent layer but because you basically have to promote any post you want to be seen it's not worth it. We use twitter but because we don't have a huge following there we don't focus on it as much.

Brooke and I have been discussing the layers of walk in love. because we realize that as we grow we will need to utilize all those layers to get the biggest, best following possible.  When we use all layers effectively we can maximize how many potential new customers come in contact with us.  More eyes = more customers = more sales = more growth.

So, if you have a small business and you say things like "I don't think we really need Pinterest"...STOP!  You do.  Use those layers to maximize your growth in a way that works for you.    You may find that it's not quite right for you, which is okay.  But it might end up bringing in a few new customers just because you tried.

If you want an easy way to start using some layers check out If This Than That.  It allows you to set up your social posts to go from one to another.  It will let you set up a recipe to post your instagrams to Pinterest or Twitter, etc.  It makes it really easy to start using some layers you might not be.

Just think of layers like all the ingredients in your favorite burger.  Without the tomato or cheese or bacon the burger just won't be as good. It will still be a burger, but just not as good as it possibly can be.  It's the same way with your business.


Photo : The Mac Attack from the Boston Burger Company (Best burger I have ever eaten so far)

Brands are like burgers. Layered + delicious. You can serve your customers a plain burger, but that’s boring. And it’s the same with your brand. You gotta layer it up with everything you’ve got!

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