Open app - Post - Close app - Go live life - Follow Jesus

About three weeks ago, I unfollowed every single person I was following on Instagram with the exception of Brooke, June, and our two companies.  I didn't do it with any malicious intent, or out of annoyance, or anything like that.  I have simply been having this overwhelming feeling like I waste too much time - too much time checking in on other people and places, on multiple social avenues, that I end up missing out on what is happening in front of me or what I should be doing.  So I wondered that if there was literally nothing new in my feed, would I check it a lot less? Turns out, I would!

Prior to unfollowing everyone though, I had already noticed that when I was checking my feed I found myself totally disengaged.  I would just mindlessly scroll and scroll down a feed with a mixture of baby photos, intense political views, sports victories and advertisements for a new outlet cover that allows you to plug your iPhone right into it.  I was checking on everything more and more, and yet caring a whole lot less.  I haven't read Craig Groechell's book "#Struggles" yet, but I heard him speak on the topic and that apathy I mentioned is definitely a big aspect of that book. And I totally get why!

I started to think about all the other things I could do instead of social scrolling.  

I could probably work out in the amount of time I spend on social.

I could probably write a few more blogs in the amount of time I spend on social.

I could probably finish a few house projects in the amount of time I spend on social.

I could probably play with June more in the amount of time I spend on social.

I could probably rub Brooke's shoulders in the amount of time I spend on social.

I could probably do the dishes in the amount of time I spend on social.

And honestly, the list could go on and on and on.

Now I fully understand that Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat are all tools that I use to do what I do, but I was finding that I wasn't using them as tool at all, but as walls.  Walls that were blocking my time and mental energy from actually doing something positive or impactful.  I totally get that social media is an important part of my business, but not as important as ideas for my business or customer service or cashflow or great products.

If I am being really honest I love that I have more followers than the average person on Instagram.  I love that I have a little "K" after my number, but lately I have been pressed by God to stop caring about such silly things of this world and start caring about the beautiful life He has for me.  I have really been trying to disconnect from a world of praise through social media and instead lean into praising the King of Kings.  It's hard.  I really enjoy when people compliment my daughter June or tell me they love my shirts.  I really do! And I think that's okay to enjoy those things.  But the question we should all be asking is "Am I enjoying those things more than the truths Jesus wants to speak to me?"

When you double tap an Instagram a little full heart shows up.  When is the last time you laid your heart before to God and let Him love on it - making it full. When is the last time you actually listened when God double tapped your heart and nudged you to move here or help that person or give away that possession.  We are quick to reply when people tell us how gorgeous we look in some new outfit, but do we have that kind of immediate response when Jesus calls us out?  We are equally quick to defend our political opinion or point of view, but are we as quick to respond with love or joy in ALL situations?

For me, I need to spend less time on the social media apps, so I turned off all my notifications and only use it as the business tool that it is.  I needed to unfollow people so there was simply less to scroll through.  Now instead of mindless scrolling, I look up and go to specific peoples pages, with the intention of being totally interested in their life and I actually look at and read what they are doing! I also might try to actually reach out to people in real life instead of just letting the updates of Facebook be enough for our relationship.  Sounds pretty crazy, right?  I have simply decided to use all social media tools as exactly that, tools, and not as walls. 

Open app - Post - Close app - Go live life - Follow Jesus.  That is my social media strategy.