Living The Dream Every Single Day

The new walk in love. collection is here.  It's called Thy Kingdom Come and we are pumped about it!  This was the first collection in a while that we designed in house.  The designs aren't elaborate by any means, but just really simple and bold statements that we believe reflect scripture and the attitudes Christians hope to live by.

One phrase we have that might catch people off guard or make them turn their heads is - "Living The Dream Every Single Day."

This is usually the answer I give to people who ask me, "What have you been up to lately?" or "How are things going?"

And this statement literally has nothing to do with status, money, followers, likes or any outside factor.  The reason I am living the dream every single day is because every day I get to wake up and live with Jesus.  The giver of life has given me life and made me new and that is the dream, day in and day out.

You don't have to look far to find people with "everything" who are miserable, depressed, alone and longing for something more.  Think about all the celebrities who take their lives when to the outside world they have everything they would ever need.  It is always so sad to me because I know that feeling.  I know feeling lost, confused and wandering without Jesus.  Trying to fulfill that loneliness with anything and everything only to find it getting bigger, larger and more prevalent in my life.  It wasn't fulfilled until I truly surrendered all that I am to Jesus.

I don't know if you read this blog because you want business advice, marriage advice or life advice, but I do know that I could give you all the great advice in the world and it would fall short to this - only Jesus will fill the emptiness inside of you.  Only He will give you life and life to the full.  Only He will restore you and make you new.  Only He will give you the ability to pick your head off the pillow and live the dream every single day, regardless of how bad your migraine is or how crappy your body feels.  Living with Jesus is the dream, every single day.