Good Social - Volume 1

I know this blog has become a lot more personal lately but I never want to get away from talking about business, which I love to do.  So every Friday I am going to try and give a few examples of really good social media usage out there.  Sometimes it will be heavily Instagram related, sometimes it will be across all platforms and sometimes it will be a specific category like church social media, photography social media, etc.

To start off I am going to be very general about it and my hope that it inspires you with new ways to add life and authenticity to your feed.

1. Awesome Instagram Feed - Vous Church

If every church ran their social media like Vous Church did I think more people would go to church.  When they were about to launch their new church they posted awesome Instagrams that all connected.  I don't know who the creative genius behind this was, but they deserve a raise.  Each Instagram connected with the one above it, below it, to the right of it and to the left of it, all while still standing on its own.  Seriously, so impressive!  I've seen people post large images while using multiple squares before but never while making them all really stand on their own.  Well done Vous Church!  Also, this sermon on their podcast is awesome - What's In Your Hand? 

2. Snap Chatters - Levi Lusko and Jefferson Bethke

I love following these two authors and speakers on snapchat.  They don't post too much that you get annoyed but they post enough to keep you engaged with what is going on in their lives.  Levi really focuses on the love he has for his family and what they are doing, which is inspiring.  Jefferson takes the best "ugly face" selfies that I have ever seen, which are always good for a laugh.  They both have new books out and they are always hiding copies of them in airports with details on their snapchat!  Definitely worth following.

3. Favorite Post of walk in love. this past week

I love this post because it is so clean, simple and highlights details of our products.  It also uses the text to remind our followers of a great sale we are having.  Instead of using a graphic with lots of text that people tend to ignore, use detail photos and remind through the text.

4. Great personal post and hashtag - Adam Harrington

My friend Adam Harrington, who you should probably follow, killed it with this photo.  Yeah the photo is blurry and you can barely see him in it, but look at what the post is doing.  First, it is highlighting something really exciting he is doing - attending the Hillsong Conference.  It's acknowledging people he loves and it has a famous singer photo bombing him!  It's fun, it's light and if you know who Kari Jobe is it is even better.  Well done, Adam! 😂

5. New social media tool -  Boomerang App

Instagram released a new app yesterday called Boomerang.  It allows you to take super short gif-like video.  It will be a tool that we use a lot to just add a little more life and excitement to our feeds.  I suggest you use it to do the same, or just use it to send super creepy smile videos to your friends.  Both good!

That is all for this first edition of good social.  I hope it helps you add ideas to your arsenal of tricks when it comes to posting!