Four Years

*Brooke normally proof reads my posts but I wanted this to be a surprise so if something is spelled wrong, deal with it because surprises rule!* Brooke and I have been married for four years today.  So like on most milestone dates I am feeling a bit nostalgic.  I have been listening to songs that remind me of my lovely wife.  I have scrolled through some older photos.  I have asked her a few times what her favorite memories were over the past few weeks.  People sometimes label me as an intimidating guy and think that I am all business all the time, but I do actually have quite the soft side and today I have felt what Brooke and I call, "love waves" all day.  I am overwhelmed with the idea that another person could love me the way that Brooke does.

My mom always tells the two of us that she has never seen or witnessed a more compatible couple in her life.  She is constantly amazed at how well we get along and how easy our first years of marriage have been.  I reply with the same thing every time she compliments us in that way, "It's because Brooke is so amazing."

I have an amazing wife.  I am so blessed, lucky and thankful for her presence in my life every day.  I never thought that I would enjoy my marriage and life as much as I do.  It's gone above and beyond any expectations I ever had and I still think the best is yet to come.

So with that as a preface I would like to dish out some marriage advice to everyone.

-Never stop dancing and singing.  I dance and sing around Brooke all the time.  It doesn't matter if she is watching TV or brushing her teeth I will dance and sing for her for one reason and one reason alone.  To make her smile and laugh.  I always tell her my only goal in life is to just get a little more of her attention.  I think husbands should be willing to do anything to make their wives smile.  I am not a great dancer and the songs I make up to sing are totally ridiculous but if Brooke smiles it's well worth it.  Brooke will now dance or sing when I don't expect it and nothing makes me happier.  Make each other smile, laugh and enjoy life.  Dance and sing a little more.

-Dream.  I kind of dislike that I just wrote dream with a period behind it because I think that's pretty cheesy but it's a great thing to do with your spouse.  I think we settle a lot in life but settling with your spouse should never be an option.  You should always be working, moving, climbing to help make the other persons dreams come true.  Some are easy and some will take years but stop settling for an average life and start living the life your spouse dreams about.

-Stop screaming.  Brooke has a naturally raspy voice and can't speak very loud so she can't scream.  I am not allowed to raise my voice in any argument because Brooke can't raise hers.  Because of this we never do and our disagreements never really reach argument level because we never do more than talk it out.

-Go on more walks.  Brooke and I walk almost every day together.  It gets us out of our house, away from our screens and talking to each other.  More of our ideas have started with a walk then anything else.

-Do the Dishes or the Laundry.  When Brooke and I first got married I made a deal with her.  I told her that if she always does the dishes then I will always do the laundry.  I HATE doing dishes.  It's probably the greatest deal I've ever made but Brooke doesn't like laundry so it's worked out well for both of us.  Plus, if I ever really want to score some points with her I will just do the dishes.  It's probably the best piece of advice I will ever give on this blog.  One person do the dishes and one do the laundry!  Switch if you need a change of pace every once in a while.  There is no reason why one person should be doing both those crappy jobs in a household.

-Learn to love what they love.  If you saw the way my college room looked like and now see what my house looks like you would be amazed.  In college and even when I met Brooke I could have cared less what my living space looked like as long as it had a TV and an XBOX, but now I do care.  I have learned to love what Brooke loves and she loves making our house look amazing!  Appreciate what they love, learn about it and through that you will learn to love it and it will be another awesome way for you to connect with each other.

Exercise and diet.  Stay lean mean and sexy for your spouse.  Everyone wins when that happens!  Heyo!!

Live full lives.  Follow Jesus, love each other and do great things!

Obviously this isn't an extensive list of things but sometimes it's just a few things here and there that will make all the difference.  Marriage is totally awesome and if you haven't been treating it that way then you should start today!