Love Favors

About a year ago Brooke and I were sitting on the couch watching Netflix and I looked up to her and said, "Will you do me a love favor and get me a drink?"  She said, "Yes." I don't know why I called the favor a "love favor" but I did and out of that one drink request "love favors" were born in the Mousetis house.

A love favor is simple. It's saying yes without any hesitation. It's serving the one you love.

Here are the rules for love favors in our house. 1. You have one love favor a day (from the time you wake up until you go to sleep). 2. A love favor can be anything. It can be a simple request to get a drink or get your phone from the other room or something big like running to the store for a forgotten grocery. 3. When you are asked to do a love favor you have to say "yes" and then respond immediately. There is no "I'll get to it later." It's a yes and then action.

The amazing thing about love is that it produces more love. Since Brooke and I started love favors we've said yes to each other at least 365 times this past year and saying yes to your spouse just once a day will create a better marriage and a loving environment for the two of you to grow together. We've gotten so use to saying yes that when one of us sits down and takes a frustrated breathe because they forgot something in the kitchen the other one will jump up and get it without the question even being asked.

Marriage has a bad reputation. Marriage is always looked at like it's suppose to be a miserable, uncreative and boring aspect of your life, but it shouldn't! Marriage should be the pinacle of joy in your life where the best parts of you come out in full bloom. Where creativity, passion and vision meet to produce lives of purpose and joy. Saying yes to Brooke more this past year and having her say yes to me has helped create and maintain that environment and I encourage all the married couples out there to add some love favors to your lives and say yes more!