I Volunteer as Tribute.

There is a scene in the movie The Hunger Games where Effie Trinket reaches in to a bowl of tribute names and picks out the name Primrose Everdeen.  It is at that moment that Catnice Everdeen, her older sister,  jumps up and screams, "I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute."  You can see it here in the trailer. Every time I see that scene in the trailer my eyes fill with tears because it is the essence of sacrificial love.  Something that we rarely see in our selfish world today.  It is with this type of love that Jesus went to the cross with, but instead of sacrificing himself for one he did it for all.  He saw that all our names were going to be drawn and they were all tainted and covered with sin.  He knew that the only way to remove that sin and give us a chance for eternal life was sacrifice.  So he stepped out of the crowd and yelled, "I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute."  He did it for you and he did it for me.