but I love you

This is probably the first easter in my life that I didn't go to church.  Brooke and I decided last night that instead of going to church this morning we would just spend sometime together.  I usually wake up before Brooke so this morning instead of getting up and feeding the cats and starting my day, I just laid in bed and looked out the sliver of window that the blinds were not covering and started thinking of the love that God has for me and so many others not in church on this easter sunday.  I wonder what his thoughts are about us while we lay in bed. I babysit my niece from time to time and I have this very vivid memory of her sleeping.  She was laying in her pack in play off centered, uncovered, and all sweaty.  I am only her uncle but I remember thinking that the love I have for this sweating baby is so extreme and she doesn't even really know me.  Her mind is undeveloped, she can barely talk or walk but I love her.  She cries over stupid things like food and naps and falling down but I love her.  She can't spell or write or read or move gracefully or sing but I love her.

While I was thinking of this seemingly insignificant memory of my niece I felt God speak these things to my heart.

You are small, weak and sinful but I love you.

You are easily frustrated, small-minded and petty but I love you.

You are not smart, slow to learn and overly confident but I love you.

You barely know me, do stupid things and worry too much but I love you.

Your heart is often cold and full of hate but I love you.

You don't listen to me all the time but I love you.

I know everything about you and I love you.

You are mine because I love you.

So whether you spent easter morning in church or watching youtube videos in bed with your wife may those words speak to you and may you know that even through all your faults and insecurities there is a God and he is saying, "I love you."