2010 : The best year of my life

2010 was the best year of my life. It was my first full year of self-employment, which meant that almost everyday this year I spent sitting 4 feet away from Brooke, my wonderful wife. We traveled to Las Vegas, Houston, Mexico, the beach, the mountains in Virginia and a ton of other places. We made huge investments into our businesses. We really started to settle into our house. We convinced our best friend to move to Lancaster. We became aunt and uncle for a second time. We took a lot of photos, sold a lot of shirts and spent hours laughing at our cats. Friends and family are always asking Brooke and I how things are going and I almost always answer the same way by saying, "Living the Dream." I say it partially seriously and partially joking because it's a kind of funny statement. As I take a retrospective look at the past year of my life I realize how silly that answer is because I could have never dreamed this life up. If you would have asked me even one year ago when I was getting ready to quit my job if I would have thought that this would be my life I probably would have believed 20% of it. I am amazed at the blessings that we've received this year. I am in awe of the wondrous love of God to fulfill our needs and bless us exceedingly more than we deserve. 2010 was amazing and I am grateful for all who contributed in ways both big and small. I am thankful for my wife who has pushed me this past year to dig deeper, think more and work harder to display the change that Christ has made in our life. I am thankful for my friend Jeff who has showed me how to love. I am thankful for Brooke's parents who have been a guide on how to love each other in the midst of stress and being self-employed. I am thankful for my parents who have believed in me through out this year in a very tangible way. Both Brooke's parents and mine are hard workers and we are so blessed to have been able to see that our entire lives and now apply it.

If every year can be like 2010 I would like to live till I am 200 years old. I am excited to get going on 2011. My hope is that it will be a year filled with the love of God and everything will fall as He sees fit.