I started talking to entrepreneurs + creatives by writing for them on this blog.  I wrote posts filled with what I hoped was helpful tips, tricks + advice for entrepreneurs + creatives.  I enjoyed it, but it didn't feel like enough for me so I started recording myself talking about the same thing, first on video, then on a podcast and then on video again.  It was enjoyable, but not quite enough.  So, I went back to writing and wrote to specific entrepreneurs in specific industries with what I would do if I was in their shoes.  All of these outlets were fun and fulfilling to me, but there was still something missing.

So, I added a face to face element to my business advice and called them One on Ones.  I did over 30 of them and it was again, very fulfilling and I hope helpful.  I loved being able to Facetime or sit down with people and talk about their dreams, goals + businesses. 

Then, on July 3, 2016, Brooke and I sat across the table from Bryan + Heather and pitched the idea for SUPPLY.  A year later we were in the building.  During that time I didn't really have time to do as many One on One's as I had been and it slowly faded to the background of construction decisions, walk in love., being a dad and husband.

SUPPLY is now open and over the last few weeks, I've had different people stop by for a tour, which has led to conversations about business, marketing + life.  Conversations that have filled me up and made me realize how much I have been missing that element of my life.

I really started to think about whether I wanted to start writing again, recording a video show, podcast or having more One on Ones.  I kept feeling like none of those previous outlets were going to fill me up the way I was looking for.  They were all great but seasons come and seasons go and I am ready to welcome in a new season of talking business with like-minded people, the SUPPLY Wednesday season.  I talked to Brooke and she was all in because she is always all in and I love her dearly for that!

So, it is with great excitement that I introduce SUPPLY Wednesdays - a monthly conversation for entrepreneurs + creatives hosted by T.J. + Brooke Mousetis.

You might be asking, "What will that look like?"

My answer, I don't totally know.  I just know that I love talking about business with people and I love giving any advice I can that allow people to live as an entrepreneur.  It will be conversational, meaning I will prepare something for us to talk about but will let the conversation and questions dictate the directions we go each week.  I have a feeling we will talk about business, marketing + sales, but our conversations will also be on balance, life, marriage, kids and all the other things life brings us as creatives + entrepreneurs.

Here is what it won't be. It won't be some elitist meeting where either you are in or you are out.  It won't be a place where we just pat ourselves on the back for existing and getting likes on Instagram. Not happening here.

My goals and hopes are two fold.  First and foremost, talking about business fills me up in a way I can't quite explain.  Brooke will attest that I am a happier individual when I get to do the things that really fill me up.  I know that when Brooke can cook and create she is happier and so am I, because she is a great cook!  In life, it's easy to let life dictate what we have the "time" to do and it takes a dedicated energy and focus to make sure you are doing things to fill you up so you can take care of the harder side of life with joy and enthusiasm.

The second goal is to help someone, anyone with their business.  I am no business expert and I am not going to charge to be your business "coach."  I just want to talk about some of the issues you might be facing, suggest solutions, talk about goals + hopefully at the end of it all have success!

If you read all that and are still with me I am guessing SUPPLY Wednesday is for you.  So, consider yourself officially invited to our first meeting on September 13 @ 10 am at SUPPLY - 280 S. Oak St. Manheim PA 17545.

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