I Am Voting For Jesus.

I watched about 10 minutes of the presidential debate the other day and couldn't take it. This morning I unfollowed anyone who talks election on Twitter. If you show up in my Facebook feed talking about either candidate I will unfollow. I just can't take it anymore. It's the election that will never end and so I am ending it for myself.

I heard on the radio yesterday that people are drilling holes in their new iPhone 7's because of a prank that tells them "Apple forgot the head phone jack" and all you need to do is drill through the metal and it's there (seriously, just google it.) When I hear something like that that it's not hard for me to see how we got to these two candidates.

I can say with a lot of confidence that no matter who wins in November we are in for a weird, rough and bumpy four years fueled by hate, name calling and he said, she said, they said, I said type of rhetoric. Both candidates are terrible. Even, if you want to go third party - both of those candidates are terrible.

But, let me ask a question. Does the president determine how you love your wife or your children? Does the president determine how you serve Jesus? Does the president determine your spiritual walk? Does the president determine your joy?

I think, throughout this never-ending election cycle, it has become pretty apparent that many want the next president to be their God. They want either Donald or Clinton to save them from whatever victimization they identify with. Well, people, it's not going to happen.

There is only one who can save and His name is Jesus. There is only one who can give life and His name is Jesus. There is only one who is worthy to be a king and His name is Jesus.

Not all, but a lot of Christians during this election have been obnoxious. They are eager to accept that these two candidates deserve more praise and attention then the actual King of Kings. They believe that making America great again is more important than making Jesus' name great again and it's hard to watch.

Since finding out that Donald and Hillary were the two choices I have struggled with who I am going to vote for. I looked to 3rd party for a little but even the Libertarian candidate is a big government nut. So, here is what I am doing.

I am writing in the name of Jesus.

I understand we are going to be stuck with one of these two for the next four years and their policies might affect generations to come, but guess what? I believe in a God of eternity. I believe in a God past the United States and past any other countries that rise up after the U.S. I believe in a God that has no beginning or end. So, I don't care who the next president is. It's not going to affect the way I love like Jesus calls me to love, it's not going to affect the way I love my wife, my daughter, my family or my community.

The next president might put me out of business. They might make my taxes so high I end up living under a bridge but I don't care because I will count it all joy. I will trust in the one who is more powerful than every president combined. I will trust in a Jesus who conquered death so that I may have a life to the full.

I am writing in the name of Jesus in faith. Faith that my little attempt to call out to Him on behalf of a sinking country will bring revival and healing. Only Jesus can save the individuals in this country. Only Jesus can save Donald Trump. Only Jesus can save Hillary Clinton. Only Jesus can save black lives. Only Jesus can save your life. Only Jesus can save and so I will be voting for that this November.

I will write in the name above all names. And until I write that name in I will pray for His kingdom to come and His will to be done.

Maybe you think I am a fool or that I am wasting a vote but I try to read a book every day filled with stories of fools who did the impossible because of a great God.

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