Join Me Every Thursday! LIVE!

This year I started a YouTube show and set a goal of creating one video a week.  Well, it looks like that isn't going to happen.  I quickly learned that creating YouTube videos doesn't really fit well into my workflow and life right now so I am pivoting, re-adjusting and changing the medium.  I love interacting with video and I really wanted to focus on creating videos this year.  

Turns out I have created more videos then ever this year... in the form of Snapchats.  From what I can gather my Snapchat story viewers are really enjoying my Snapchats, which is awesome!  I believe that it shows who I am in a more authentic way, which is why you have enjoyed watching.

But...a Snapchat video is only 10 seconds long and let's be real, if someone is going on and on we just skip through to the end.  So, I have decided on a way to create longer videos, with more content but at the same time being as authentic as possible.  


YEP!  That's right!  I will be sitting in front of my iPhone every Thursday at 9pm EST on the Periscope app to bring you The T.J. Mousetis Show - LIVE!  There is just something about being live and interactive that I love.  It's probably why I love speaking on stage.  I love hearing the reaction of the crowd and seeing people take in what I am saying. Now, I know I won't be able to hear you through the app but, I will be able to see your comments, questions and little agreements in the form of hearts in the bottom right corner of my screen!  I can't wait!

So, download the periscope app and follow @tjmousetis.  You will get an alert when I am LIVE!  Come with your questions about business, social media and anything else you might want to talk about!  I am so excited and can't wait to answer all your amazing questions!

You can also follow me on Twitter and get a notification on when I am live in your Twitter Feed - @tjmousetis!