Stop Saying, "There Aren't Any Good Candidates..."

The political tension in our country is heating up quickly.  One common phrase I see on so many political postings throughout my internet feeds reads something like this, "There simply aren't any good candidates.", "I don't like any of the candidates..." or "Ugh. I'm moving to Europe."

To those of you who want to move to Europe, no one is stopping you, except the strict immigration laws of European nations, the extreme tax rates + super high cost of living.  But other than that go ahead and jump on a plane! The Queen is waiting!

Instead of diving deep into social media comment debate, I scroll past and leave my opinions for my blog posts, which, as always, you are welcome to disagree with.

Here is the thing that drives me crazy about the "no good candidates" comments...

1. First and foremost, you can't say you don't like a candidate and spend no time, energy or research actually looking into what they've done.

2. You can't say you don't like a candidate based on one, probably false, internet meme, headline or celebrity tweet, you saw. Look! I can make memes too!

3. Who cares if you don't "like" a candidate.  I don't "like" working out, but I know that it's good for me.  I don't "like" eating vegetables, but I do because they are good for my body.  I didn't "like" everyone on my wrestling team in high school, but I understood we needed them to compete.  In the same way, we don't have to "like" a candidate to vote for or support them.  We just need to ask ourselves "Will they honor the position of Commander in Chief, defend liberty, justice, freedom, and the Constitution of the United States?" If you can answer "Yes!" or "I think so!" about one of the candidates in the running, then who cares if you like them... 

Imagine if we based everything in our world on whether or not we "liked it." Many of us would sleep in until 11:00 in the morning, rarely change our kid's diapers, binge watch Netflix all day + balloon up to 600 lbs from eating endless doughnuts and melted cheese.  That would be chaos!!  So then why, when picking one of the most important positions in the United States government, do we switch gears and base our vote off of whether or not we like them.

How about instead of having to like a candidate you actually know what they stand for?  How about you dive deep into their policies or their voting record - most of which can be found on their websites.

There are plenty of sports stars out there that I don't "like." They rub me the wrong way in interviews, they are show-boats, they live a lifestyle very different from my own, etc.  But do I need to like them in order to have them score touchdowns or points for my team?  No.

We've based so much crap in our lives on the way we "feel" about something.  Well, sometimes I feel like dumping a bucket of water on someone because it would be funny - so, clearly, your feelings can often be very wrong.  Let's stand on principles we can support, and less on the way someone makes us feel.

Also, remember that there is no perfect candidate because there is no perfect person, minus Jesus.  And my guess is if Jesus came down in 2020 and started running for President you probably wouldn't "like" some of the things He was saying about the way you live.

Let me end with this. The next time you go and apply for a job, would you want the boss to solely base their decision on whether or not they like you, or on whether you are the most qualified for the position?  Or, the next time you need a surgery or operation, will you want the most qualified doctor, or the one who got sub-par grades, but hey!, won the superlative of "best personality" because he was well liked? How about the next time you traveling in a plane?  What type of pilot would you want? Or the guy building your house?

As far as our country is concerned, I want someone whom I believe will defend my freedoms and liberty, honor the constitution and shrink the reach of government in my life and business.  If they can do that, I don't care if I like them at all.