Dear Ted Cruz + Marco Rubio

Dear Ted Cruz + Marco Rubio,

My name is T.J. Mousetis.  I am a 30 year old Christian, husband, father and business owner from Manheim, PA.  I am a big fan of the two of you and the things you stand for.  I know that you two don't totally agree on every single issue, but let's be real... who does?  I can tell from following you both that at the core of your beings, you really do love God, family and country.  I love the same things.

I am also guessing that you probably cringe at the idea that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton could be our next president, so do I.

So, here is my request of you two men.

Run together.

I know both you've spent a lot of time, money and energy to become the next president of the United States, but if the current path of the primaries continues like it has been, neither of you will win and "The Donald" will.  If Donald wins, then Hillary wins, because I don't see Dictator Trump beating "What difference does it make?" Hillary Clinton.  Even if Trump does win it all, he is essentially another big government guy.

Let's look at South Carolina to prove my point..

Trump received 32.5% of the votes.

Marco -  you received 22.5% and Ted - you received 22.3%

I am no mathematician, but if you two men were running together on one ticket you could have received 44.8% of the primary vote.

44.8% > 32.5%

I know it seems like a crazy request, but we are living in crazy times.  Our nation is on fire. If the two of you would come together for the common good of the people, I think it would inspire citizens to do the same.

Flip a coin, draw straws, run a Twitter poll to determine who gets to be president and who gets to be vice president.  I don't care.  All it takes is one of you to be a little humble for the greater good of the country.  I believe that both of you are capable! Heck, you can even switch after four years!  I don't care how it happens, all I care about is that one of you two are our next president -- and not Donald or Hillary.

The overreach of our government is out of control and the two candidates that are leading want to continue that trend.  I believe that the two of you don't want that trend to continue. So, please just run together!  Do it for the United States!

Thanks for serving the United States, but more importantly - Thank you for following Jesus! God bless you both!


T.J. Mousetis


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