I Normally Don't Talk About Politics But....

It's sad that before you continue to read this post you will want to know whether I voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  Because if I voted for Trump, like you did, then you will probably agree with what I am saying.  If I voted for Trump, and you didn't, well then... you've probably already branded me a hate-mongering bigot.  And the same would go with Clinton votes.

We are all feeling things after the most recent election.  Most of those feelings have been voiced in posts like this one, starting statements like, "I don't normally talk about politics but..."

I think we've all seen enough of those posts and let's be real, we are all tired of unfollowing every other person on Facebook. 😂

So, let's re-write that sentence. Instead of "I don't normally talk about politics but...OPINION OPINION OPINION" Let's write this instead.

I normally don't talk about politics, so... instead I am going to....

Love my wife.

Play with my daughter.

Run my business.

Read a book.

Go on a walk.

Go on a run.

Clean my house.

Clean out my car.

Make cookies for my neighbors.

Visit my Grandpa.

Open the Bible.

Go to church.

Volunteer at a local charity.

Call my friends and play pick-up basketball.

Write letters.

Train for American Ninja Warrior.

Go to my favorite restaurant.

Shut off my phone for two days.

Paint a room in my house.

Take my mom out on a date.

Help my dad build his bomb shelter. 😂

Mentor someone.

Go to the gym.

Go climbing.

Play a board game.


The possibilities are endless. And my guess is that they will all make you feel better than writing what you think about this recent election online, and then arguing with friends or family in the comments.

I understand all the feels are real right now.  Tensions are high and people are fragile.  Instead of leaning into those tensions, let's lean into the people we love and the things we love to do.

Let's change our posts from "I normaly don't talk about policits, but..." to "I don't normally talk about politics, so..."

I think we will all be a little happier for it.