Are We Choosing Barabbas?

I woke up at 5am this morning thinking about politics.  I know that's kind of a weird thing to think about two hours before I normally wake up, but that's where I found myself this morning.  Now I know writing about politics on my blog will lead to a few things:

- People unfollowing me, unsubscribing and hiding me on their news feed.

- People posting links to articles in the comments to prove that I am wrong and they are right.

- Lots of unnecessary vile comments about my point of view.

If you land in any of those categories please try to refrain.  Imagine if your friends started unfollowing you or commenting on every questionable hair choice you made while growing up. Even if you disagree with what I have to say, I hope that you can extend the same grace others might extend you on a daily basis.  Also, I won't read the articles you link to.  I have an 11 month old, an awesome wife and a business - ain't nobody got time for that.

So this morning at 5am I was thinking about politics and I feel like God put a single question into my head - Are We Choosing Barabbas?

The Iowa caucuses are a few days away and the political fire is heating up.  It seems like everybody and their mom is coming out to publicly endorse a candidate.

And I am really shocked that so many Christian leaders in this world are coming out in support of Donald Trump.  This is a guy who says 9 different, contradictory things and then sticks with whichever one gets the most press.  Isn't that lying?  Isn't lying one of the big 10 no-no's in God's book?

I am a conservative through and through.  I think a smaller government would be better for everyone.  If you want to argue with me, first just let me know the last time you enjoyed a trip to the DMV, or tried to get a hold of the IRS or get a recycle bin.  I am tired of paying a tax rate of 36%!  That's right, 36%.  For those of you who struggle with math that means that 3.6 of every 10 shirts I sell are sold for the United States Government.  I would like to unsubscribe from that option. Imagine what I could do with just 10% or 20% of that still on the ledger at the end of the year.  Maybe hire another employee, maybe start another business, maybe save the money for my daughter, maybe give more away... And do we really think the government is better at handling my money than I am?

As a conservative, all the presidential elections in my lifetime have seen the conservative side of the ballot filled with luke-warm, big government loving choices.  No thanks.  It's been hard to push the button for them for any reason other than the "R" beside their name.

This year could be different, for once!  We have some amazing men on the right of the political landscape who love Jesus and are trying to shrink governments reach and give the power back to the citizens, where it belongs.  My favorite candidate is Ted Cruz, but I also would be okay with Marco Rubio or Ben Carson.  From what I can see, these are men of God who are doing their best to follow Him and run this country according to the principles that He lays out in the bible. Are they perfect? Not at all. But I know full well that a perfect candidate doesn't exist.   But as I watch Cruz, Rubio and Carson I see men who would do all they can for the citizens of this country and not their own personal gain.  As a Christian, I believe, we actually have three good choices in front of us...

And we are choosing Donald Trump.

Are we choosing Barabbas?

Now, I don't think that Donald is equivalent to a murderer by any means, or that the other three candidates are equivalent to Jesus, that's not my exact point.

For those of you who don't know, Barabbas was the prisoner that was released instead of Jesus. Every year at Passover the Jews were allowed to ask for the release of one prisoner from Pontius Pilot.  They chose to release Barabbas. Not Jesus.

As a country, are we choosing Barabbas?

As a Christian, do we actually have some good, Godly men to choose from and we are going with the guy that called it Two Corinthians, not second Corinthians... two corinthians.  Kind of like, "two corinthians walk into a bar..."

We are on the verge of going with a guy that said, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?  It’s like, incredible.”

Why would that be incredible?  That sounds horrible.

I am not someone who calls Donald Trump an idiot.  You don't build huge business' by being an idiot, but I don't think he is even close to the top choice for the president of the United States.

But, here is what happens when we choose Barabbas.

We can complain.

We can whine.

We can blame it on someone other than ourselves.

So, here is what I would challenge you to do.  Pray and ask God who the best choice for our country is.  Don't just check out and say, "Jesus is coming back eventually, so it doesn't matter" or some excuse like that.  It does matter because I have a daughter and I want her to grow up with opportunity to take every skill and passion she has and use it in this world for the glory of God.

And while you are praying ask God where else in your life you are choosing Barabbas. Because every day we get to choose to release more of Jesus into our life or more of Barabbas.  Who are we choosing when we talk with our wife or kids? Who are we releasing when running our business? Who are we picking in our relationships or on our computer late at night?  Who are we choosing by what we decide to say behind someone's back?

Are we choosing to release Barabbas in areas of our lives that need more Jesus?

When I have to react to something and my heart cries out, "Who would you like to release?" i pray that I answer more and more with Jesus and less and less with Barabbas.  What about you? Who are you choosing?