Cain Didn't Kill Abel With A Gun.

I usually find out about mass shootings on twitter.  I will casually scroll through my feed and find someone tweeting about thoughts and prayers being with the victims of "fill in the blank."  And inevitably 20-30 minutes later I will see posts about how guns are bad or how it's a mental health issue or how we need stricter laws or how the NRA is dumb or how we politicize these tragedies too much or not enough and so on.  I will see the same hatred on twitter to someone who disagrees with them, as I am sure the shooter had with his victims...and yet we are surprised someone can do something so vile?  Take a look at the log in your own eye before examining the speck in someone else's...

There have been quite a few horrendous mass shootings in my lifetime and every time they happen I am not surprised one single bit.  I wasn't surprised by Columbine, Virginia Tech or even Sandy Hook and I am not surprised by the latest at Umpqua.  I am not surprised because our society wants to make all these tragedies about something else.

We have people demanding for more gun control because gun control is the problem.

We have people demanding more screenings for mental health issues because mental health is the problem.

We have people demanding that other people stop demanding stuff because people being demanding is the problem.

But in reality there is only one problem when it comes to these tragedies and it is SIN.

Cain and Abel were brothers, the first set of brothers ever to exist.  Cain was jealous of the attention Abel was getting and he killed him (Genesis 4).  He didn't kill him because he had access to a gun or because he had mental health issues.  He killed his own brother because he was living in a world separated from God and let sin darken his heart.  He let that sin take over his life through jealousy and acted out by killing his brother.

We want to talk about EVERYTHING else when, in reality, this world is broken and separated from God.  Why are we only looking to human hands, policies and laws to fix it when we should be looking to the Prince of Peace!  The only way we will ever see an end to senseless murders and killings is when we fix our eyes on Jesus.  When we ask Him to take over the cold, dark areas of our hearts and transform them with His powerful love and never-ending grace.

It's never been a gun issue or a mental health issue.  It's a sin issue and until we confront that sin with the blinding light and love of Jesus we will continue to see these things happen over and over and over again.