12 iPhone Apps I Use Everyday For Business

I use my iPhone everyday for my business.  Here are twelve iPhone apps that I use the most for daily tasks associated with walk in love., VRSLY and my personal blog.  My hope is that they help you grow your business!  Below you will find descriptions about each app as well as a link on where you can find the app/service!

1. Camera App (This comes with every iPhone 😂)

We use this app to take pictures.  We've tried out a few of the other camera apps but they always have so much going on and so we find that just using the simple camera app is easiest.

2. Instagram

Your business or organization needs to be on Instagram and you need to be posting at least once a day.  For more specific tips on Instagram see my two previous posts - 10 Tips On Using Instagram for Business10 Easy Types of Instagram Posts For Your Business

3. Wunderlist

There are so many to-do list + project workflow apps out there.  We've tried a few of them and always end up back with Wunderlist.  It's so easy to use and simplified.  We have a business account for our team so we can share lists and add things to others lists.  Brooke and I have lists for specific projects but we also use very broad and general lists.  We have one list called "All The Stuff We Want To Do Someday."  It's just a long list of big dreams!

4. Shopify

If you are an e-commerce store you should be using Shopify.  They are the best of the best and I can't say enough good things about them.  They make it so easy to run an e-commerce store that looks professional.  You don't need any previous website building knowledge to use Shopify.  They also have two great apps. The Shopify app allows you to check on your sales, add products, manage inventory, etc.  The Shopify POS app (not pictured) allows you to make sales and accept credit cards with your iPhone.  That way you don't have to use a different system for in person sales and your inventory is always accurate!


We created the VRSLY app for the walk in love. community.  We use it every day to post encouragement for our followers.  As I said in my 10 Easy Types of Instagram Posts it's very important to provide value added content for your followers and VRSLY is an easy way to do that.  We don't always want to try to sell to our follower and sometimes we just want to encourage them.  We use VRSLY to do that.  Every day VRSLY has a new encouraging word and you could probably use them here and there to encourage your followers!

6. Facebook Pages

This app allows you to manage and post on your Facebook business page.  You can use the normal Facebook app for this too. I just prefer the Facebook pages app.

7. VSCO Cam

We edit any iPhone photo we take for our business with the VSCO cam app.  It's a really easy editing system that allows you to create beautiful images and have a consistent look and feel to your photos.  VSCO Cam has a lot of editing preset options but we use the same 3-5 every time so our photo can stay consistent.  I think every photo on my personal Instagram is editing with VSCO Cam!

8. Squarespace Metrics

While we use Shopify for the walk in love. site, we use Squarespace for our other sites - tjmousetis.com + brookecourtney.com.  Squarespace is a great platform for building a website for your business.  They make it super easy to create a beautiful site with little to no website experience.  The metrics app is a great tool to track your traffic and popular posts.  I check it everyday to see what posts are trending.

9. Repost App

This app is a great way to repost Instagrams that your followers post.  The free version of the app comes with a ghost overlay of who the photo is from, but if you pay for the extra feature you can repost the photo with no overlay.  I recommend paying for the upgraded feature so you don't have the overlay.  It's a one time purchase and is definitely worth it.  We use this app all the time!

10. Twitter

Twitter is this brand new social media...Oh wait....Ha!  If you don't know what Twitter is you have a lot to learn about 😂 .  Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms to date and it's a way that a lot of customers can ask your brand questions.  We Tweet daily, but we mostly use it as a customer service platform to answer any questions our customers may have.

11. Pinterest

Again, a huge social media that you need to have your business on.  We use the app a lot but we also have a IF THIS THAN THAT set up to post all of our Instagrams to our Pinterest page.  It's a huge help to add content to Pinterest that we've already created!

12. Lattergramme

Have you ever wanted to schedule your Instagram posts?  Well with Lattergramme you can!  It won't actually post them for you because Instagram doesn't allow that, but it will send you a push notification for you to post one at the scheduled time.  We also will upload a lot of our Instagram content to the app and not actual schedule it for specific times.  We will just use it as a holding ground for all our content so we don't have to go searching for it when it's time to post.

I hope these apps help you grow your business and make your life a little more efficient.  If you have any apps that you use everyday for your business I would love to know!  Tell me about them in the comments!