Hey! My name is T.J. Mousetis and I am a passionate entrepreneur!  I am madly in love with my wife Brooke, daughter June + savior Jesus.

I founded walk in love. in my early twenties and am still selling t-shirts today.  I married my amazing wife Brooke in 2009 and we spent seven years as professional wedding photographers, shooting weddings all over the world.

In 2015 our first child, June came into this world and changed our lives in the best way possible.  Since her birth we have retired from wedding photography so we can spend more time focusing on our family and what God has for us.

I am passionate about three things in life - trying to live like Jesus, loving my family and business.  On this blog you will find a little bit on each topic.

Enjoy my blog and if you want to see more of my life you can add me on the social media of your choice with the username - @tjmousetis.

God bless you and have an awesome day!